Friday, August 30, 2013

Syria might just be the price the West pays for Iraq, and it will be paid by innocent lives!

Who decides what country should be bombed? A group who share skin colour, language and culture dominate this global decision-making process and tend to gang against any non-English speaking country who might disagree. The arrogance of the English-speaking world forcing their perspective on everyone else!

The irony here is that it involves Assad, the monster, but when you have discredited yourself by going to war in the name of "protecting innocent lives against Saddam" when really you were out there to secure your personal interests and dragged other countries along, you no longer qualify to decide who needs to be protected and against whom. Iraq was a costly lesson, Syria might be a turning point.

We can't have a 'world order' where America and Britain bully everyone else into bombing those who fall out of their favour. You can do it once or twice before you run out of credibility. Over a million people matched in London to protest against the war in Iraq and it fell on deaf ears, Assad's victims are paying the price today! Your actions have consequences and until you clean up the mess that is Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, more innocent people will die in the hands of Assad and other monsters as a direct result of the English-speaking West abusing their powers.

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