Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Somali fingerpointing politics while we protect our clan thugs in office

Will we ever see an Isaaq defend the rights of Jubbaland, a Majeerteen the rights of Somaliland, an Ogaadeen the rights of Federal Somalia, Abgaal defend the rights of Puntland? Are even our intellectuals capable of engaging in politics as individuals instead of from their clan's background and perspective?

Yes, you have the right and should protect your own home-town first but surely not at the cost of our common good? How do we find that balance? How do we ensure our home-town villages and lands are included in this complex Somali federalism negotiation while not walking all over our neighbour's rights and peacefully co-exist in Somalia? How do we create a Somalia that ensures every citizen's rights are protected, not just the lands, and create an environment to unleash our potential as individuals and ppl instead of constantly being on survival and self-defense mode? 

This is a rich land, more than enough to properly provide for every Somali to live a dignified life. The obstacle to peace and prosperity is our mindset and our inability to stay neutral in the face of clan bigotry! This needs to change fast if we are not to slip back into the horrors of the last 22 years.


  1. Ahh, I always enjoy your blogs Fatuam. You are an inspirational to many of us. Your observations are so true. Thank you SO very much for this.
    Shamsa Scego

  2. Aww, thanks hun! And thanks for leaving a msg, I have many readers but never a comment! Lol

  3. Wow fatuma Abdullahi the fearless . Once again thanks so much for your articles , I admire your thinking and openness when you writing anything about somalia be it politics, environment, culture and not to forget MEN ha ha ha big up girl. Its high time for us somalis to appreciate our people and land, I wonder when we somalis will start appreciating one another without judging according to our tribe and clan differences nonsense. Because of this tragedy somalia became cash cow for many outsiders shame!
    Please don't stop writing hun keep bringing out the facts!
    Zamzam Ali

    1. Many many thanks, Zamzam! Much appreciate the feedback and your encouraging words.