Monday, April 7, 2014

Rich man teaching a poor man resilience, only the UN and Western NGOs in Africa!!

Now, how does someone who earns few thousand dollars tax free a month, lives in a cushy apartment in Westlands, Nairobi, on an international medical insurance, goes to the "field/Mogadishu" once in a while under heavy military escort and takes fully paid 3 times a year "rest and recuperation" break, teach someone who has endured 20+ years civil war or even born and raised in a civil war, resilience?! I have heard of a lot of pretentious and dumb ideas come out of the UN/NGOs but the concept of privileged white people teaching "poor Africans" resilience is just amazing! The UN and Western NGOs working on Somalia could learn about resilience by moving their over-funded offices to Mogadishu and stay put for just a year without an RnR, to see if they will still talk about resilience with a straight face.