Monday, August 26, 2013

Allah prefers cotton, I just can't produce a receipt to prove it.

Contrast these pictures and tell me if you still think the choice between the "umbrella" and the smaller black headscarf in Somali women's clothing styles is a reflection of who is more "pious".  Could this be a matter of an emerging different class system in Somali society?

Before we go any further, a disclaimer: I am using the pictures bellow to make a point about the different hijab styles and not to focus on the individuals in the picture (bellow picture, courtesy of the BBC). I know, some people find it hard to focus on a subject and debate the issue rather than the personalities. It must be due to that syrupy tea diet we are on, too much sugar can get one too hyper to follow thorough a logical debate. So if you can, please stay focused on the costume and not the girls. 

As I was saying, it is down to economics. Secondly, and I don't have a proof, am pretty sure Allah prefers cotton, is environmentally friendly and would frown upon cheap nylon umbrellas which in the Somali unforgiving heat, will make the cleanest woman stink like goat meat gone nasty. 

Exhibit 1: Nylon Allah won't approve of. It is China cheap (nothing personal Chinese friends), not good for human skin and shit makes a woman stink. All these should go in the haraam files of any self-respecting Muslim woman's fashion book.

22 years of civil war, rampant violence against women, alarming level of rape and extreme poverty, horror combination of factors might have led to women dressing in nylon umbrellas but if you say that out loud, all the nutjobs armed with very little Quran and an plenty AK47s will end your life quicker than you would have a minute to explain. So, I am doing it here, far from guns, knives and men who can't tell the difference between clinical madness and divine intervention. Cyber space safety, Maasha Allaah!

Exhibit 2: Human-friendly hijab, cotton and so far no receipts these women are any less "pious" or Muslim than Team Nylon Umbrella. Again, I don't have any evidence and only going by that thing called "gut feeling" Allah will stamp "Nacam Yes Nacam" on this style hijab and no one will go to hell. 

Being a Muslim hijabi woman doesn’t have to look like a malfunctioned rainbow slapped on an umbrella or a moving London bus! You can be modest and a seriously practicing Muslim while dressed in decent and colour-coordinated hijab. 


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  2. It's part of the "Islamotardation" of Somalia. I wish this evil arabian cult had never come to our country. I know I'm not being nice by saying that but I have had it!

    The country has become an Islamist graveyard where people live like the Arabs of the 7th century from which this "religion" stems from. I don't believe in Allah nor do I think gods are real but if I were to choose a god, I wouldn't choose Allah, wherever Allah is worshiped there is misery and human degradation, war, oppression, poverty, ignorance and sub human living conditions -- for those who supposedly follow Islam as it should be.

    Waxa dadka Soomaaliyeed ku dhacay ee dhamacda kulul nolosha uga dhigay waxaa u sabab ah eebbe beenaad bay rumeeyeen.

  3. Allah will stamp "Nacam Yes Nacam" on this style hijab and no one will go to hell.

    Do you even believe in Islam? If you "think" you do, you need to go back and read the Qur'an and Sunnah in order to educate yourself about what it actually means to be a Muslim.

    Your speech is beyond filthy.