Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Africa Happiness Report by the Forest Chimps Institute

A survey on the happiest countries in Africa carried out by the Forest Chimps Institute based in the deep forest of Democratic Republic of Congo has just published its grand findings. 
Director of Forest Chimps Institute, Dr Abadan.
According to the findings, the top happiest country in Africa is Angola closely followed by Algeria!! Their next finding is even more baffling. In the top 20 happiest African countries listed, the self-declared independent country of Somaliland came 13, ahead of Senegal, Rwanda and Kenya!

Angola is listed as the top happiest country in Africa but evidence on the ground do not support the findings and Forest Chimps Institute is accused of nepotism since Dr Abadan has been romantically linked to Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of the Angolan President.

The chimps have not disclosed their survey criteria but a Mogadishu-based think tank, Gut Feelings, has just issued a press release dismissing the survery as lacking in transparency and has accused the Forest Chimps Institute of taking bribery from the Angolan government in exchange for unfairly putting them on top of the list. Gut Feelings has also accused Dr Abadan of nepotism as they have evidence romantically linking him to Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of Angolan President, who has recently been named richest woman in Africa by the Forbes magazine.

Gut Feeling think tank has called on the international community to pressure the Forest Chimps Institute to review their survey method and not use invalid criteria such as consumption of the soft drugs Khat to determine happiness of a nation.
Gut Feelings added that the only way they can make sense of the listing - that tops the most expensive and overpriced African country on its happiness index with the only happy residents being President Dos Santos and his family - is if the top criteria was either how much bribe the chimps were paid or the consumption of Khat (drugs commonly used in the Horn of Africa) by city in the listed states. You can read the full report in the link bellow.

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