Friday, January 13, 2012

Prison break

Sitting in a bar on a Tuesday night in Nairobi with my third glass of wine, country music playing! Suddenly, balloons in all colours, confetti all over the room, people dancing to 80s music, it is an amazing place to be, far from Somalia, work and the bloody tuk tuk flight…Then I look around and there are only 3 other people in the bar! Composed and nothing like the people dancing in the party taking place in my head.

Coping mechanisms against Somalia, Tuesday and religion. I think I am going to apply for extension to my prison term in Somalia, tho. I am not good with freedom, doesn’t come with instructions. I fear and love 2 things in life equally, freedom and choice. As much as I dislike (learning not to abuse words like hate) hijab and the pretentious religiosity, Somalia takes away freedom and choice…Just what I need right now.  

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