Thursday, January 26, 2012

The baby who was nearly born in Hargeisa central market!

Nadia, the cook, kindly offered to show me where she shops for grocery for tonight's bday party. She told me last week that she just started her 9th month of pregnancy and was expecting her 2nd baby late Feb. We left the house at 2pm and 10 minutes after we arrived the central market, she said she felt a 'pinch' and was in a bit of pain. I told her to sit down and rest while I did the shopping but before we could find a seat, her water broke! I called our driver to hurry back up and take her to the hospital. She only carried her phone with her and all her personal stuff were at the house. Worst, she worked the whole day to cook, clean dishes and the kitchen and didn't even have a shower! The driver picked her up 5 minutes later and picked her mom too and dropped them at Edna Adan Hospital. I took another hour to finish shopping and when I got back in the car, she called to say she has delivered a healthy baby boy!!!!! I am still in shock and thinking, damn, she nearly gave birth in the hot, smelly and loud market! And amazed by how quick and easy it seems....Am thinking, is it that easy to have a baby?! Getting ideas here.

We went out to shop for my bday but now going to celebrate 2 birthdays and welcome Nadia's baby boy!

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