Friday, January 27, 2012

Are you a Somali woman bored in Hargeisa? Take your white male friend on a 'local tour' and watch the magic unfold!

Took William on a 'local tour' around Hargeisa today. We got so many stares and comments and I even got hit by some weirdo hussling for money! The comments were interesting tho: "is she Somali? Why is she with the gaal (Christian)? Hey lady, is he your white cousin? He must be a German. Hey teacher, how arrrre you? Hello, where is your SPU (Special Police Unit that guard foreigners)? Are you single or married to him?"!! Then a nutball comes out of nowhere and shoves a paper with his phone number on William and asks him to send him money! I tell him to leave us alone and he hits me on my shoulder! A guy driving by stops and shouts at the man to leave us alone and that he is totally out of line and tells us not to worry, no one can touch us! I was in a bit of shock by the violence and touched by the driver's courage to stop and defend total strangers. Who needs live concert when there are this many mad people in Hargeisa? Now I know what to do about boredom, just walk around town with a white guy, lol.


  1. I'm coming with Sadia ;) We can go out in pairs, double the fun!

  2. Fatma I met u sometimes back at brew bistro Nairobi I don't know if u can remember, we were three 2 somali ladies ubah from UK , zamzam from SA and a guy Abdisalaan from UK, and you guys were also three you, Idil and a white guy later on the white guy left and he lrft u guys behind we chatted for quate some time especially with ubah..?? Mmmmm do u remember?

    1. Hmm, I have a rubbish goldfish memory but if I meet you again, I am sure I will remember as I record faces better than names.