Friday, February 4, 2011

Waiting for Mubarak

I am really excited about the political developments in North Africa. Today, I know it is very unlikely but I am hoping Mubarak gets kicked out. U know what that would means for the rest of Africa? I think anyone who has been in power more than 10 years in 'Africa' is taking a serious note of this. We are all sick and tired of men who hold on to power till they die and then pass on the leadership to their sons as from their grave. I feel the wind of change and I think the ball has started rolling even if Mubarak doesn't leave today. People are realising they have a lot more power than they thought and all it takes is to gather in large numbers peacefully and demand a change! I am only hoping Sub-Saharan Africa catches up quicker and boot out Gbagbo, Museveni, Mugabe, Aferwerki, and anyone who has been in power more than 2 terms of 10 years max.

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