Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day1 in Joburg

I finally made the move to Joburg on Sunday, 20th Feb. I arrived at 10am and Lindi kindly picked me up from the airport. Everyone warned me Joburg is a dangerous place but I don't listen to people usually, thank goodness. Having said that, I wasn't prepared for the news. Lindi's car was stollen the night before, from her secure and gated front yard! It happened around 3am and she didn't hear a thing! I was shocked and very impressed at how calm she seemed and the fact that she still came to the airport to pick me up. I am not sure I would have been in that state of mind. She took her boyfriend's car and decided not to change her Sunday plans, brave woman.

She dropped me at her place and left for lunch with family. I was exhausted from a week of parties and packing up my life in Maputo and I collapsed. When Lindi got back around 5pm, she found a note under the gate with address of where the car was dumped! We immediately drove to the address and sure enough, her car was sitting there minus 2 back wheels, radio and speakers, battery, and her Ipod! While we were driving there, we called the police to ask them to come with us as we didn't know what to expect. The police officer on the phone had no clue where that address was!! We calmly pointed her to find a map and to send us police officers, if she did not mind. She reluctantly said she wud send officers. That never happend. So, we drove past the car and decided to go get a back up, 2 of Lindi's friends. While driving there, we came across police van and asked them to come with us. They did and we all realised the only way to get the car out of that neighbourhood was to tow it. Luckily, the police officers promised to take care of that.

What a way to start my new life in Joburg! At least, I got an authentic Joburg-style welcome.

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  1. Jo'burg style? Hope it's not an everyday thing! Suppose the incident happened just so you go... 'aah yes, this is the jo'burg I've heard of'...:-)
    This is great though, lovely read.