Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homeless again!

I am homeless again! Well, I am sleeping at friends’ houses while they are away on holidays, buying myself time to search for a place. Good thing about this experience is that I am getting better at handling it emotionally. After all, it is a choice I am making and I am glad to be out of that beautiful prison. Shame things had to end like that but life goes on. In a way, there is nothing personal about it, apart from losing a friend. Shit happens and you learn to stay focused on solutions and try not to dwell on the past.

I think if you are not happy about a situation you do something about it at any cost. So last Wednesday after a couple of heated SMS exchanges with my housemate I finally had enough and decided to hell with the house and him. I packed my stuff in 2 hours not having a clue where I will go. I called friends to see where I can leave my bags and maybe camp while I looked for a place. Not the ideal way to deal with a fall-out but sometimes you hit a wall and there is no happy ending.

Having said that, I am constantly kicking myself for being impulsive and impatient, putting myself thru difficult situations. I guess I will never change and when I am fed-up I need to act and deal with the consequences later. It is hard but I am slowly learning to accept who I am.

I crashed at a friend’s house first 4 nights as his new roommate didn’t move in till Sunday, just in time for my other friend to go on a week’s holiday! It is a bit rough moving 3 times in a week but at least I have a bed and time to search, so am grateful.

Great thing is I don’t really have time to wallow in this and feel depressed about it as Pili Pili Designs must go on. In the middle of these moves we managed to organise 2 sales and promotion events and they went really well. One was a private sales dinner party to 10 visitors from Spain and they bought lots of stuff. Better even, 2 of them liked our bags so much they want to be our agents in Barcelona and Madrid! How cool is that? Who cares about homelessness when things are going this well with business? And on Saturday we had a Pili Pili picnic at a really cool underground venue. The turn out was OK but that was coz I didn’t have time to publicise the event well with everything going on but we had a great day and almost everyone who turned up bought stuff. I think we will repeat the picnic this coming weekend with a better publicity.

An eventful week with ups and downs but pressure is important to get me focused and do better. I am excited about what happens next!

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