Friday, August 6, 2010

An African entrepreneur

I read Sylvia's story on the BBC News website and I am inspired. I guess the only difference between her and the million other African women working just as hard is in her self believe.

Sylvia Banda, Zambia
Sylvia Banda's first restaurant had no tables. She now owns 16 eateries.

My advice - persevere.

I remember very well the first day I opened my restaurant.

I did not have any chairs. I did not have any tables.

My customers had to eat in a standing position. I told them - you're going to have a "standing buffet".

They laughed and continued eating, and that's how my catering business was born.

Today, we have 16 eating places in Lusaka and we have opened a college training students in hospitality.

It is important to say to yourself - I am as good as the other person. If that person can do it, then so can I.

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