Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dear white folks, it is illegal to take photos of or with African children!

Dear white folks, 63 years ago it was ‘noble’ to take pictures with rough-looking black African kids like you were in a zoo. It was still kinda cool and adventurous thing to take back home from your “dark continent” adventures as late as 1990s. In 2013 however, access to camera, flights and communication devices have been democratized and the world is a bit more ‘transparent’.  

Africans, former zoo residents, are out of the zoo and on social media and can see all the weird pictures you post with trusting and ‘cute’ black African kids with big smiles. I don’t think they like it a bit. Ever seen a black African tourist in Croatia posing with a random blonde kid? That shit doesn’t happen so what makes it normal for you guys to come to Liberia, Ethiopia, or that country called Africa and pose with a random black child? So weird! Maybe next time you will be content posing only with the giraffe and leave the children alone. 


  1. After reading this piece, a friend on Facebook shared a link of another blog entry with a similar subject and photos that speak a volume on the subject. Here it is:

  2. Got some point but i guess you should probably change "Africans, former zoo residents, are out of the zoo.." I never had the resources or chance to visit Africa but i think is a bit unfair to call them former zoo residents.

  3. Emaniuz, thanks for leaving a comment and for your feedback. The zoo residents thing is suppose to be a joke, a point, something, who knows.