Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Granny frog and Karma

She would say “who will marry you with those skinny legs and flat arse?”… “Homework? What for? It won’t get you a husband! Leave those useless books and come make dinner. If you have no arse and legs to attract a future husband at least you can impress him with your cooking and cleaning skills”…I spent years wondering what makes someone this bitter? And how do you say such nasty things to an 8 year old?! Culture only explained part of this deranged mentality. The part where women have been beaten down so much that they start believing they are only worth exchanging pussy for rent-free house! Islam wasn’t much help in explaining this either. Thank goodness for an alternative believes. Buddhism, for example. They believe in rebirth, that souls are born more than once and sometimes take different forms. As my Buddhist friend was explaining this, a large ugly frog popped out of the nearby pond, it all made sense!

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  1. Very insightful. I have witnessed this very type of mentality being drilled into the minds of young girls. Where and when they should be having confidence, ambition, and a thirst for knowledge instilled into them, they are instead bombarded with the archaic modes of thinking that basically deduce them to expect a destiny akin to performing the role of another beast of burden; breed, labor, and do what you are trained to do--or fear reprisal (albeit a beast of burden that can also give a man sexual pleasure). This is not only sad and disturbing to me--but rather disgusting and infuriating. I don't mean to step on any toes or offend my more conservative Islamic brothers and sisters out there, but I have always found it rather uncomfortable to see young prepubescent girls--even as young and 3 and 4 being made to cover themselves with hijabs. I can understand the traditional conservatism that requires women to cover themselves in an attempt to ward off the stares and desires of men young and old. But why should a little girl be subject to such behavior? What about a prepubescent girl's body needs to be trapped inside such restrictive clothing? Is not this a way off labeling her as potential object of sexual desire? If so, what does that say about such a society where a young girl who should be free to explore the world and enjoy the vast liberties of childhood are instead subject to a physical reminder that they must cover themselves from the perverted glances and impure thoughts of would be sinners. Yes, you may strongly disagree, but a little girl draped in a hijab is forced to deal with the sexuality of her body at an age where these types of thoughts should not even enter into her innocent mind. In essence, she is dealing with sexuality way too early. Yeah, sure, I am "reading way too much into it" right? Maybe not--think... one of the biggest criticisms against Islam and it's spiritual founder/leader/prophet is the very subject and history of male-adult/female-child marriage.