Monday, December 10, 2012


“A'uthu billahi minashaitani rajim”

I wonder what I should cook today to go with the chicken…Anything other than pasta or rice.

“Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim”

He is always expecting me to make him a nice meal while he doesn’t even pay the bills on time

“Al-Hamdu lillahi Rabbil-'Aalamin”

This house is too noisy, can’t even hear my own thoughts


Amina is almost 10, I just wish I could find someone else to explain to her about ‘period’ and how to manage it.

“Maaliki Yawmid-Diin”

And these kids, they have to start helping out at home, am done slaving for ungrateful lot

“Iyyaaka na'-budu wa 'iyyaaka nasta-'iin”

It is Ayaan’s wedding tomorrow and I don’t have a new dirac, I have to borrow one from Asli. I wonder how things have developed with that loser husband of hers.


Ouch, that hurts. Am getting too fat and old to bend! Maybe I shud look into this new yoga thing everyone is going on about. But I don’t have trousers that would fit.

“Siraatal-lathiina 'an-'amta 'alayhim”

I hope this Hassan Gurguurte guy brings real change and stability so we can soon go back home, one more winter and I will lose it.

“Gayril-magzuubi 'alayhim”

She came in late last night, that is the 3rd time this week! I have to have a word with her. She will bring shame on the family name if the neighbours learn she came back home at 8pm.

“Wa laz-zaaalliin

Perfect, just in time to take the chicken out of the oven before I burn it again.


Controlling a monkey brain is bad enough, now try praying in a language you don’t understand…5 times a day! 


  1. You speak of the monkey with such a derogatory judgement, the same way you grumble about that man makes judgment about woman – a judgement of superiority and ownership when neither you nor the man have created the monkey and the woman respectively (of course only the Creator “Allaah” can speak with such superiority of ownership as we are all his creatures “slaves”). So, where does the fault lie, with the Creator or with the human ingnorance? After all the natural law is exists as hierarchy (master and slave), and simply that we are created in hierarchy by Allaah does not entitle to those advantaged an abuse over the disadvantaged, this you would know if you’d studied the Qur’aan rather than be dictated by a colonialist who will hide by any skin (white or black) or by any continent, simply to feed on you! Take refuge in Allaah, not in man (that includes woman)!

  2. I love how you spent time writing a paragraph (more like an essay) and missed the whole point! But wait, I am guessing what burns you isn't my "superiority" complex over the monkey (like you give a damn about the poor creature) but that how dare a woman can think and point out the madness that is worshiping in a foreign language. But I get it, it is part of the culture too to focus on the side issue.

    1. If the language of the prayer is your point, then you are again the one who missed the point, unfortunately for you. In Islam there is no problem in praying in one’s language, but the physical prayer of the prescribed five times a day, not only does it has to be in the language of the Qur’aan which is the ‘Arabic language but also it has to be directed at a singular point “Makka”, that is:

      1)A reference to a common origin of identity – the Creator Allaah.
      2)A reference and unity for a diverse and plural creatures. Hence a point, on where our LEARNING (acquiring knowledge “science”) is focused: from the moment of creation to the present and to the final end purpose.

      Apart from this unshakable fact (real knowledge at its heart, and not the theft of colonialism), you are Somali and i am Somali but we are speaking to each other in English as of our common language, why? Because our centre no longer lies in our Somali identity but the identity and the language that the European colonialist created for us: a false cente, a false identity which certainly leads to our death as Somalis but we may live on physically as an acquired (stolen) property (slaves to a man). So, which one is better, slave to OUR ONE AND ONLY CREATOR or slave to A WANNABE IGNORANT CREATOR?

      Are you thinking with brain Allaah gave you or with the stolen brain?

  3. My favorite line...
    "She came in late last night, that is the 3rd time this week! I have to have a word with her. She will bring shame on the family name if the neighbours learn she came back home at 8pm."

  4. Goodness Samatar, do you have a sense of respect for other people's space? Go preach elsewhere 'brother'!

    1. Seriously! All that energy trying to convince a grown woman fully capable of deciding for herself that she is wrong? Hmmm... Somalis. They never cease to amaze me. There's no let's agree to disagree... There's always ," Islam is right. You are wrong. The sooner you realize that, the better it will be for you." Acuudka. What about lakum diinakum waliya diin? What about respecting people and their opinions and their RIGHT to have that opinion and their right to choose not to follow your unwanted and unasked for advice. I love my Somali people, but I cant stand when a random Ali, or Husein tells me "Fear Allah. Cover yourself, " or gives me other unwanted advice. Ummm...who the hell are you?

  5. Hey, severe fighting for just a avery small thing to be agreed. Being a somali u will always be part of pointless argument. Can we change national behaviour. I belive we can.