Friday, April 20, 2012

Is Allah really gonna solve the Somalia problem?

In an answer to the common and passive Somali response to any tragic event in Somalia: " "Ilaahay ayaa Soomaaliya u maqan", which translates roughly into "Allah will find a solution for Somalia." Here is what Idilay had to say: "Allah got his plate full with Syria and the US elections…Somalia is not on this year's agenda. Try next year...There's an opening between Palestine and 'I don't give a fuck about Africa." LMAO

Dear reader, if you are a Muslim and offended by this, I understand and thank you for your tolerance to visit this blog and read the rant. However, no point in going ahead and quoting me a chapter from the Quran. Coz it won’t make a difference, so don’t waste your time. Just trying to make sense of this madness.


  1. Hi Fatuma...

    So, I dont want to waste time..I think you Islam better than I probably do. But If you Convince me that Chritianity is better than Islam I would readily Convert. Waa iga dhab.

  2. Hey Jamac, What gave you the idea I am a Christian or promoting Christianity?

  3. Fadumo, You are making grave mistake and sin. ALLAH has all powers to solve our problems. Your poor judgement on ALLAH's power is absolutely unacceptable and you must immediately repent to ALLAH. I am completely astonished to your unfaithfulness to ALLAH. I am not wasting time to write to you this piece but defending my Caqiida and believe towards ALLAH.
    Sorry I am very much disappointed in you and will pray ALLAH to guide you to islam.

  4. INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAHI RAAJICUUM, Fatuma if you are a good and practicing Muslim how dare you say that ALLAH doesn't have time for Somalia, there is absolutely no time that Allah will have busy schedule not to get for his people. Don't you know that Allah created the heavens, the earth and what is between them with his power. How can you say if some one quotes averse from the Holy Koran it won't make any difference are you not a Muslim?

  5. SUBHANALAH! what is this? How dare you say something like this about Allah, don't you know ALLAH created what is between the heavens and the earth and he can destroy you this second, repent immediately or an awful torment awaits you! and he has the answers to all problems facing humanity. Your ungrateful woman.

  6. Seef laboodlayaal, have you actually even noticed that I am quoting someone? Maybe go google the symbols "..." and you will get the meaning. Thanks for the unsolicited lecture on Islam, tho!

    LOL@repent immediately or an awful torment awaits. Am curious, were u subcontracted to do the tormenting? How else could you be so sure?

    Silly me, I thought real Muslims were polite and had to speak in kind words?!! You lot let Islam down with your judgemental and aggressive words.

  7. Hi Tuma I think they will outsource the tormenting to some rouge country, lol! Tuma doesn't give a shit about the tormenting that you are talking and frankly, I don't blame her!

  8. Goodmorning Fatuma.

    I pray that my comment finds you in good health and spirits. As your friend, I'm not going to insult you like some folks did here. I think that what you say to Allah is between you and Allah. May he have mercy on you.

    In the meantime, I'd like you to know that I understood the root of the idea you were expressing, but that there are better ways of framing your argument and that disrespecting our creator is blasphemous and unnecessary.

    Somalia is in a ditch because Somalians have taken it there. There is a tendency among some muslims to take credit for their own successes, and to dump responsibility for their mistakes on devine will. These folks also attribute solutions to devine will, and thus excuse themselves from actively seeking solutions.

    If we look closely at the wisdom of Islam, this is not the way a Muslim should think or act. In fact, we all know the famous hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, S.A.W., in which he instructs one of the companions to first 'tie his camel, and then make tawakkul (place his trust in, or seek help from in Allah).

    This means that if I want my car to move forward, I should press the gas pedal. Clearly in life there are too many unpredictable factors. The idea is that we should do our best to harness all controllable factors, and then, for whatever is beyond our effort, perception, or ability, we ask Allah to protect us.

    This means that until Somalians begin truly committing themselves to change, change will not come, and they will have nobody to blame for failure but themselves.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that this is similar to the idea that you were advancing. And if this is true that Somalians are responsible, then why would you, during the month of Ramadan insult Allah who created us? Perhaps you don't believe in God anymore, and that is also fine. Its your personal choice.

    But at least recognize that there are many muslims, some who are your friends, who believe in Allah. You do not achieve much but being offensive, especially when you are trying to show a better way to people who you deem as barbaric and savage. Perhaps you can set a better example so those who plant chaos in Somalia will have a better example. Don't you think?

    And please remember. Islam is bigger than Al-Shabab or Boko Haram. Its bigger than Somalia too. There are well over a billion peaceful people who live and work every day across the world and just want to live, love, eat, and be happy.

    Enjoy the month of Ramadan, and peace to you, and to all those who commented here. Salam Alaikum,

  9. Mohamed, I posted this on April 20th, and not during Ramadan, check the date again. What surprises me is that my fellow Somalis decided to read this article and respond in such violent manner during Ramadan!

    I don't see how this blog entry disrespects Allah, please explain that specific conclusion. If we say Allah's plate is too full for Somalia's problems and that actually Somalis are responsible for their own problems and should find a solution instead of expecting miracles from God is crime?

    The reactions to this article are out of context and proportion to the point being made. I expected the mad reactions from fellow Somalis but you Mohamed, I expected more. Not a long lecture about disrespecting Allah, and what gives one Muslim the authority to defend Allah against another Muslim?!!

  10. As I haven't stirred for a long time, I decided I'll do that again here. ;-)

    First off, I do not think that the post was blasphemous. I think it is just a tongue-in-cheek way of expressing a valid opinion. As Fatuma already explained, this is not about Allah's powerlessness but about the people that just call things fate or destiny that they could change if they tried.

    In German there is a saying "Help yourself and God will help you." While this could again be misunderstood, you could express the same in a more "religious" way and say "Always pray as if all your efforts were for nothing and work as hard as if all praying was for nothing." To be passive and pass the buck to Allah on everything you can't be bothered changing is truly blasphemous and disrespectful towards Allah. Criticising others for doing that then clearly can't be.

    Having said all that, I would also claim that I'm not being blasphemous when I say that Fatuma probably SHOULD have posted this in Ramadan. If Allah has too much on his plate outside Ramadan he clearly does in Ramadan. Just imagine all these people that don't care about him for 11 months a year but then suddenly bother him with five prayers a day. How busy must he be in Ramadan!

  11. LOL@Cadaan, hilarious and for once, supportive! Point well made and I know the supportive bit is totally by accident as you enjoy irritating me, usually.