Saturday, March 27, 2010

My on/off affair with a glass of wine.

New country, new start, no idea where to start from? Well, I started from the bar with a chilled glass of wine to celebrate my freedom from grey sky and freezing winter. It started innocently enough, I deserve to celebrate after all, it has been almost 20 years of dreaming to come back to Africa. I gave myself a month holiday before I had to start planning what to do with my new life. Maputo social circle is very small and it is an easy place to meet people and make new friends. I think what contribute to the easy and fun social life is just how much alcohol people consume, and without noticing it, I slipped into the habit.

I was once told by – I can’t remember who – that I had an addictive personality. Well, I am not sure how they came to that conclusion but I have to agree. It is either the gym, the bar, or something else. Gym addiction I don’t mind but I never imagined I would be addicted to alcohol. And it is puzzling how the initial excitement of new life turned to stress and anxiety about what to do next and the celebration with glass of wine into 6 glasses to escape stress. You convince yourself that you are having fun and of course when you are out the night before it all makes perfect sense just to wake up with the worst hangover and feeling lower than ever. What fun?

If I managed to free myself from oppressive cultural and religious upbringing, how much harder can it be to get rid of coloured liquid out of my life?

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